My Sister Had Covid. Now I’m Tired.

Not Being Able to Do Much For Someone Is Exhausting

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What Can I Do?

I am primarily a stay-at-home mom while I write part-time. For the two weeks that my sister was sick, I didn’t write a thing. I just hovered like a mother hen.

When Is It Over?

Quarantine is 14 days. But disease course is a different matter, particularly for someone who is immunocompromised. After 14 days of lying on an air mattress in my living room, my sister was still not well enough to fly. She could go upstairs to take a shower again, but her oxygen levels were low by the time she was done showering. Standing up made her pulse rate rocket. An e-visit with her doctor confirmed our hunch. She was absolutely not to fly until after she could get her heart examined.

Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for an immunocompromised person through a serious disease is nerve-wracking. Dealing with it all while wondering if you will get sick yourself or if others in your family will get sick — there’s a latent anxiety in it all that taxes your reserves.

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